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Massage services in Samos since 2014.

Massage Therapist Samos

Zari Rashev

Licensed Massage Therapist Practitioner
10+ years experience
mob.: +30 699 6473520

Experience, skills and competences

I am Zari Rashev. I work as a massage therapist in Samos since 2014 (work permit – in Greek language). My skills and competences are continuously improved by training and practice.

Skills and competences:

  • To perform different types of massage for face and body.
  • To perform diagnostics of the skin, exfoliation and peeling.
  • To know the contraindications for massage and cosmetics.
  • To advise and prepare individual program procedures, applications and therapies.
  • To practice competently studies healing and cosmetic operations.
  • To practice competently, confidently, ethically and safely.

Education and Professional Training

Completed professional qualifications, courses and studies (+certificates):

2023 – Professional training: Cosmetic (certificate review) – Vocational Training Center, Sofia, Bulgaria

Cosmetic means surgery, procedures or treatment and other services performed primarily to enhance or improve appearance.

2022 – Professional training: “Perioperative Nurse Surgical Assistant” (PNSA) (certificate review) – Malagari, Samos, Greece

2015 – Professional training: Professional Massage and beautician therapist (certificate review) – Bulgaria

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